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The only time my cat isn't happy lately is if he forgets where he left his favorite catnip toy...he's truly in LOVE with it!

Larry Haines

Satisfied Customer

They are great toys and high quality catnip. Sophie would shake it and loved when the catnip would fall out. She is hooked.

Jolene Wadman

Satisfied Customer

Stormy loved her new toy and became a little possessive of it immediately. She carried it around so no one else can play with it.

Stacey Gangl-Pinz

Satisfied Customer

Absolutely wonderful, my cat loves this product. I’ve never seen him so excited about anything! I won’t be buying from anywhere else. Also the packaging is ADORABLE! Highly recommend!!

Andie Kern

Satisfied Customer

I gave the toys to my son’s kittens and they absolutely loved it. They are very, very picky when it comes to toys, but couldn’t get enough of their Knittens - great product!

Finki Lombard

Satisfied Customer

My kitty Benny LOVED his new toy infused with catnip. He is still playing with it days after receiving it. Highly recommend!

Cam Rose

Satisfied Customer

We're passionate about quality

Our toys are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in the Andes mountains of Peru, using fair trade practices that support local communities. We take pride in using the finest Canadian catnip, naturally grown and pesticide-free, to ensure your cat's safety and satisfaction.

Catnip ~ for ~ Playfulness

$9.50 CAD

Unleash the Feline Fun with Cativa Introducing The Knittens Cativa Catnip and Valerian Blend - the ultimate mood-lifting experience for your feline friend! Get ready for a wild ...

Catnip ~ for ~ Calmness

$9.50 CAD

Get ready to take your cat from wild to mild with Indicat Our catnip and catmint blend, grown in Canada's rugged backcountry, is the purrfect way to soothe your kitty's soul and...

Catnip Oil ~ for ~ Enrichment
Meow No5

$27.99 CAD

Introducing Meow No5, the ultimate feline pick-me-up. Meow No5 is a high catnip oil spray designed to take playtime to new heights for your beloved cat. This isn't a perfume, b...